How to force Facebook to show updated featured image

If you just updated your old WordPress post with a new featured image, you probably noticed that sharing that post on Facebook still shows the old featured image. That’s because Facebook scrapes links only once, and saves the associated data in their own servers.

So what should you do, if you want Facebook to show your new and updated featured image?

How to force Facebook to scrape your WordPress blog posts again

Luckily for situations like these Facebook has a tool which will sort the issue. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open Facebook Sharing Debugger.

  2. Paste your updated WordPress post link into the input field, and hit Debug.

  3. In a few seconds Facebook will show how your link would look like if you share it in your Facebook feed or business page. if the link was already shared in Facebook before, Preview will show up with the old featured image.

  4. To make sure Facebook updates the link with a new featured image, click button Scrape Again. Scraping the link usually takes up to 5 seconds.

force facebook link preview imageOnce Facebook Sharing Debugger completes reading new data from the link, link preview will update automatically with the new featured image.

That’s it – now anyone can share the link on Facebook, and it will be rendered with an updated featured image.