How to hide a post or page from public access in WordPress

Sometimes you may need to temporary hide already published post or page in your WordPress website.

For example, some event you wrote about is being moved to next year. Or some information has changed, but at the moment you don’t have time to update the whole page. So if you don’t want to confuse your readers or customers, you can just hide the page for couple of days.

But how do you hide it in WordPress?

How to hide a page or post in WordPress

Hiding any post or page in WordPress from public access is very easy. You can do it two ways – by switching post status to Draft, or by setting it’s visibility to Private.

There’s not much difference which way you do it – your WordPress website visitors won’t be able to access it.

If you switch post visibility to private, it will be visible to logged in website administrators and editors, but it won’t show up for regular website visitors.

If you switch post or page status to Draft, it will only be visible in the WordPress admin section – so even website administrators won’t see it as published.

How to switch post or page visibility to private in WordPress

Changing post visibility in WordPress takes just couple of clicks:

  1. Open the post you want to hide from the admin section

  2. Click Document tab on the top right of the page

  3. Click on the current visibility status (default is Public), and change it to Private.

  4. Click OK in the popup.

hide page in wordpressOnce you do it, post or page will be hidden from public access in your WordPress website.

How to switch page or post status to Draft in WordPress

Switching post status to Draft is even easier. Just open the post or page you want to hide from the admin panel, and click Switch to draft.

Immediately popup will show up asking if you’re sure that you want to unpublish the post. Click OK.

switch post to draft in wordpress